I Am Fortunate

I am fortunate,
But is she?
Does she know her ABC?
Has she ever been to school?
Is she really a girl like me?

Because, I know myself,
Better than I know any other.
I was a fortunate kid,
But what about you brother?

Have you ever tasted an ice-cream?
Well, we just had three, you know.
I needed them sticks inside the ice,
To write and paint, as I go.

I use language and art as my tools,
To talk about depth and beauty.
I am the poet in my clan of fools,
To feel everything is my duty.


But hey, wait a minute!
You never told me!
Have you ever tasted an ice-cream?
Have you had a meal today?
Have you had enough water to drink?
Do you even know what it is like,
To have a sweet dream?
Do you have one of those?
Do you have enough clothes?
Winter’s coming, you know.

I am fortunate,
I am sorted, in my own way.
But what about you, sister?
Did you again get hurt today?

I have had my heart pierced too,
But never by a bullet or a knife.
Words, that meant doom for me
Could have been her only shot at life.

I heard that they ask no questions, Before they shoot and kill.
I heard your days are nightmares,
And you want to study still?

Dear sister, you should know that you are,
A lot graver and braver than me.
I can only dream of your courage,
And may you live as long as eternity.

My fortune cannot buy your strength,
Nor trade for your sense of liberty,
My fortune makes me comfortable, But your perseverance makes you free.

So how about we strike a deal,
We share whatever we own.
Let’s build a world where there is dignity,
In both a pen and a stone.

You teach me how to be so merry,
And I’ll tell you how to read.
You show me how to till my land,
I’ll give you a song to heal.
You make me stand for my virtues,
And I’ll make sure you eat.
You exceed your own expectations,
I’ll applaud on repeat!

Let’s build a world, dear human,
Where we both are as fortunate as me,
And we both share your secret dreams,
Of infinite liberty.


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