It’s Just You and Me

Don’t be sad, dear,
You’re not meant to be.
Don’t be upset, love,
It’s just not worth it.

One day, the ground will tremble,
And rambling clouds will open the door,
We’ll escape the bitter scenes,
And fly until we reach the shore.

And we’ll love again, my love,
I will fall for you again!
And in this neverland,
There is no bitterness.
No fear or loss,
No plea for forgiveness,
Not even a single ‘sorry’.

It’ll be just you and me.

Beyond the light we will meet again,
To love anew but live the same,
Oh please, baby!
This time, no jealousy!
No insecurity.
Or involuntary fallacy.

No heartbreaks, my love.
Just the universe of peace,
Living in you and me.


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