The Perfect Weather

Today would have been a perfect day,
For us to be together!
You know, maybe it’s just the weather,
That threatens to change its kind,
Unless it’s now or never.

Do you think you want to cross over?
There aren’t any fences to climb,
No broken glasses,
No barbed wire.
You could, like the mysterious mist, At your will, appear.
And like the ripples on a still lake,
At your pace, disappear.

There won’t be any pain, or fear,
It’s an universe up close and near!
You could take a stroll inside a portal,
And know you’d land right here.

As it’s a perfect kind of an evening,
The lightening is defeaning,
The dark sky is crying rivers.
When twin flames die,
So does an unborn star,
And it’s a funeral up here.

A celebration of death and non-existance!
A toast to the glory in defeat!
A stupid dream, crawling over your feet.
A purgatory so discreet.

Is this where we meet, my dear?


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