When Life Gives You Lessons

When it felt like it was the last time,
My eyes would ever see another sunrise,
Oh, it just breaks the heart to feel so broken,
And if only I could make it right,
But I am so going to give up now.
This is not my time.
This failure of a heart is mine.

And I could tell you all about it,
I could endlessly whine.

But wait, wasn’t there a girl,
Whose limbs were broken, along with her heart?
Hadn’t they chopped off her arms,
But she just ran to give her life another chance?

She sped as fast as her bleeding legs could,
She fought as hard as any goddess would!
At last she reached the place where they could hear,
The pleas that had been ringing in the village air,
They found her slumped on the ground,
Sans her senses, hands and may be, a bit of her soul too.
But they did not just help her breathe then,
They made her live too.

And boy, did she just live this second life!
Now she is a wonder, with her magical knife!
She chops them up, and cooks them best,
And by profession, well, she is a chef!

If without the limbs that can knead her bread,
She can make sure her loved ones are fed!
Then, dear heart, you better learn your lesson,
To live another day you need no better reason,

But to make it every time,
Every time you think you can’t.
Every single time you feel
You are better gone.
And every damned time you need to be reminded,
That you aren’t blind, maybe just blinded!
And it’s with your soul now that you need to see,
What a precious thing your heart can be!
It still makes you live another day,
Even when your mind does not agree.
It gives you strength to walk ahead,
Even when your think you rather shouldn’t be.

You treat it right, and it treats you better!
You give up on it, and it would not even matter.

But for those who know what it feels like,
To see another sunset, and yet another sunrise,
It would only suffice to go by the rule,
To live is to be wise; to die, a fool.


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