Love · Poetry

Strange Afflictions

I heard.

Even though I had clasped my trembling hands,
Over my deafened ears.

And shut my eyelids so tight,
That not a single stray particle of light,
Could pierce through the dullness of my dead eyes,
To tease my sorrows and fears.

I heard.

Even though I bit hard,
And ripped the air between my jaws.
Till they came as close as,
My virtues against my flaws.
And my tongue tied mouth could do nothing but,
Gulp down the guilt and shame,
Of suffering from the only affliction,
That does not have a name.

It only crawls within the body,
And freezes the chest inside.
It is only when it refuses to leave,
You know something just died.

And though the pain brought forth no tears,
Nor did the silence make way for a word,
My heart made no sound when it broke,
But when it did, I heard.


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