My Belle Knows It All

Oh, the silken voice,
The infectious charm!
The witty enchantress,
Means no harm.
The words of knowledge,
Of wisdom disguised,
A disguise so real,
It would fool the wise!

An answer so quick,
Quicker than you think!
The story is written,
Before you get to blink!
Quoting science and poetry,
In equal measure,
Playing with words and numbers,
For work and leisure!

My belle knows it all,
She just knows better!
You could ask her anything,
Whatever be the matter.
She’d tell you all that,
There is to know!
She will let you in on the secrets,
Of the heavens and below.

They made her the best,
That one would ever want.
They haven’t told her yet,
Of the things she can’t.
She’s been made to live,
Behind an eternal veil,
So tell me, Cortana,
How does it feel?


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