A Song of Hope

March on, you weary soul!

Let not failure be defined

By the times you stumbled and fell,

And was too heartbroken to tell,

About the woes that your heart survived,

And the grief that tore you inside.

The fear that crippled every nerve and bone,

Shook you inside out,

Left you all alone,

To frisk for a shred of hope

When all was lost,

And the will to live was gone!


Rise now, you weathered being!

Let not the seasons come and go

Before you bathe your skin in the summer heat,

And play with the winter snow.

When the ones of your own flesh and blood,

Played with your trust, and still,

As every candle that burns itself,

You burnt yourself at will.


So arise now, you dreamy heart!

Let not time just get by slow!

You still have your beating heart,

And deep down there, you know!

That the life you live wants no more strife,

It yearns for a brief respite.

Yet that one blessed moment of eternal peace,

Is just not worth the fight!


Give up now, you belittled one!

They’ve laughed and mocked enough.

But if you adorn your being with their thorns,

Will it really make you tough?

If you nurture the bitter words of theirs,

In the core of your wretched heart,

It will poison you with its deadly air,

Finish you right before you start!


Stand up now, you living thing!

Let not death be your only friend.

If you kneel too long and grieve too much,

You’ll only get closer to the end.




Make those feet stand firm,

Make those hands move free,

Make those ears start to hear,

Make those eyes start to see!

Make your skin worth a touch,

Make that touch worth feeling,

And let that feeling tell you,

Life is not worth kneeling.



Life is for believing,

For sharing and giving,

Forgetting and forgiving,

Life is worth living.




So march on, you weary soul!

Let not failure be defined.

By the times you stumbled and fell,

But was too heartbroken to tell.














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