Living A Lie With A Smile

So, hey you!
Yes, you!
Do you see what I see tonight?
Do you see the fading light?
Do you know the soul that died?

And did the moon, my lover,
Just change it’s colour,
Turn from a flaming red,
To an aching white?
Did you see it glowing bright?
Did you look for one last time?

And did my heart just hurt inside?
Did my flesh just bleed,
For the pride and greed,
That I’d fed my love with!
Never once did I feel,
That my dreams will weep,
For the loss of what,
I could never keep.

For I thought you were safe,
In the depths of my eyes,
I thought you lived,
In my truest smile.
But the joy took flight,
Off my bewildered face,
So now my days are dazed,
And cruel are my nights.

Do you see me cry like a child?
Do you know I’d walk the mile?
To be with you,
If only you were true,
If you had loved me like…

I do.

Then, baby…
I wish you’d live to see,
How on the brink of life I die.
For I’ll never know what love is again,
And I’ll live a lie with a smile.

I sold my soul to them darned cheap,
I loaned my heart to him so it would beat,
I wiped my tears and laughed instead,
And I know I’ll soon be dead.

They said the spring and fall,
Would never come at all,
If I don’t let my winter,
Heed the summer’s call.
They said he’ll love me best,
And we will ace the test,
Of life and time,
Of rhythm and rhyme!
He said the world will sing,
For me and my being,
He said he’ll love me long,
He’ll hold on strong,
And ride along,
Through the fiercest storms.
He put his heart on the table,
Said his love was no fable,
He said that the only truth,
Is that you’re better gone.

But, baby…

When the moon turns red again,
Just know that I will be the same,
And my heart will call your name,
On some day when the sun would shine.

So now I’ll say my last goodbye,
And I’ll love you some other time,
Let my heart turn cold,
But I’ll never grow too old,
To call you forever mine.

And I still got a lie to live…

With a smile! 🙂


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