The Loud Silence Before the Quiet Storm

And tonight is the night,
When we decide,
To let time take us,
On a joyous ride!
For what is right,
And what is wrong,
If the nightingale can’t sing along?

When the trumpets blow at the break of dawn,
And you appear, drenched in pride!
Of having set a fool aside,
To sing about your glorious days!
And poison all her fairy-tales,
With your selfish desires,
On ruthless scales!

But if your heart would have been like mine,
You’d look past the tricks of time!
But you choose to hide behind the veil,
Of falsities that you often unveil.
You lend your ears to the horrid lies,
And fail to see what’s true.

Well, I’d say, how dare you?
Have you ever looked deep enough?
You were too scared to take the plunge!
And too afraid to fly,
Let alone fall!
Is what they’ll call.

Oh, thank you, honey, for the honor!
For the uncountable smiles!
For all the false praises that came by.
For all the true prayers that were heard sometimes.

Yet the joke is on us, I know not why?
Is it because you are missing by my side?

But a few souls I have found,
They pray for me to know my ground.
From places afar they make it shower,
My heart responds to their selfless powers,
Of love unconditional and affection so pure!

I wonder how they are forever sure,
That I too need to rest my case,
Enough of praises!
Enough disgrace!
And no, I need no satin and lace,
To be someone you cannot replace!
I am neither a Queen, nor one from an endangered race!
So, I want the bloody lights off my face!

I just want to lie down,
In a quiet place,
With my decayed hopes,
Flaunting brilliant rays!

While you whisper your only truths,
And we still go by our favorite books.
For we both know,
That a toad it was,
Who called himself the king!
The nightingale laughed for one last time,

And finally ceased to sing.


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