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Love You the Way I Do

I am the wave that is closest to the shore,
And I love you in a way I don’t understand anymore.
The colour grey was not a favourite before,
Now that it is, need I say any more?

About how I am not hurt at all,
I never cry for you.
And I have not spent a single night dreaming of you.
Yes, I have changed the music around,
No, I don’t play ‘Run’ and ‘If’ on repeat.
Your songs are not my sole retreat.
And your name no longer makes my heart skip a beat.

Be the dream that you are, the one that will never come true.
And for all the sweet lies, I would trade a truth with you.
Only the closest waves can ever touch the Cupid’s shore,
And I still love you,
But in a way I don’t understand anymore.


4 thoughts on “Love You the Way I Do

  1. Honestly, I’ve never much of English poetry, so my review doesn’t weight much. But I cease to exist and people I know sometimes make me read their poems, as they know I write poems also, so what If in a different language. So, I read those poems, absorbing nothing and rate them depending upon my relationship with that person.
    But its the first time, really the first time in my entire life that I liked a poem written in English and read it again and again for the beauty and thought it had. And I’ve read your whole blog and your consistency in writing adorable poems blew my mind away.
    You’re one heck of a professional writer lady and deserves a salute!!


    1. I am wondering if I can ever thank you enough for your kind words! But then as they say- Why wonder and not act? So here it comes- “The world’s biggest Thank You goes to… YOU!”

      Coming from the poet himself, I cannot wholly express how humbled I feel right now because I just fell short of words.
      Or may be because I feel so happy that I am almost hopping like a kangaroo!
      Thank you again! 😀


      1. You’re just being too kind here. You know deep down under that you deserve atleast humble admiration from people,so what if there’s no critique of the language.
        And Iam not a poet. Just another engineering grad with some time to kill.


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