Love · Poetry

My Ifs

If winds could talk and dreams could fall,
If it would take nothing to have it all,
If stars could rain on the roof,
Of your blissful home,
Your heavenly abode.

And if the sun could sing a wake – up song,
As you open your eyes to another dawn,
If the trees could whisper in human tones,
Your morning news would be told to you by pine cones!
And if the birds could sing their bird songs,
While my baby rises to the call of the morn.

If cherries could tiptoe across the fields,
I’d want them to drop by in your afternoon drink!
If the nightingales could sing praises aloud,
I’d ask them to tell you how you make me proud.
And if butterflies could carry little droplets of love,
You’d be drenched by now, honey!
For I know where the butterflies are.

And if my ‘ifs’ were any better than what they are,
It would be a splendid world,
Where you

won’t be so far
And I won’t be so lost.

And beautiful, again, will be this love.


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