Love · Poetry

My Apologies


In a quiet world of visions,
In the fleeting winds of passions,
In the dew drops on the flowers,
In the faith in unseen powers,
In the belief that says,
Blind love is true.

And baby, I miss you!
I wish you were here to see,
What has come to be
Of the crazy girl you once knew.
But you’d said that you’re crazy too,

Then where did you go?
Sizzling ashes, drizzling snow!
I am sorry, dear;
I could not let the love grow.

Burn down the castles you built on the clouds,
They’ve cried enough to be strong anymore,
To house your promised stars and galaxies from afar.
Shut the windows, close the door.
Let the darkness engulf my weary soul.
I need nobody and nothing around,
No light, no wind and no sound,
Let me go blind before I lose you again,
God! Turn me deaf, so I can hear him once!

No bird sang this spring
No songs came by.
No poet wrote verses,
For poetry to hold its life.
The days went by,
With no words on no letter,
And it’s dark again,
Now I can see you better.

I am sorry, love, I could not be,
A clue to your book of mysteries,
A narrow and quick escape to your wretched heart;
I am sorry I could not start,
The same story again,
That hurts you so often,
Baby, I’d die to see you so,
I love you more than this, you know!

And bleed I can,
To my heart’s content!
And burn I can,
All of me and you!
But in the ashes, we’ll rise again, my love!
And in the snow we’ll let this love grow!

And I am sorry, love,
This is all I have,
For your merciless silence,
That I could not break.
With words on paper,
When I remembered.
And a prayer in the wind,
When I thought of you.
I still do.
Spare a thought or two,

How else would it suffice?
This love has a price.
Needs some faith to be kept alive,
Some earth and grass and moss,
Some big winged albatross!
Some blisters on weary feet,
Some crossroads that never meet.

And I’ll walk alone, love,
On this cursed and crystal path.
And I’ll carry you too,
In my crazy heart!

And when you see the shepherd woman,
Rolling down the grassy meadow, on a distant land,
With flying skirts and twigs in her hair,
She’ll tumble down without a care,
And bump onto a startled you!

That is when you’ll know, love,
This is how the love grew!


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