Love · Poetry

The Things You Make Me Feel

Oh, the things you make me feel!

I am a monsoon cloud!
I will burst at will.

And pour down harsh,
On the meadow grass,
For that’s how the cloud,
Of our sweet memories
Rains on me, my love!

And I feel like fairy-dust!

I shimmer and glow in the loneliest of nights,
I try to light up the world of my own,
I try to nurture the seed I’ve sown,
With a hope that one day the tree of love,
Will bloom in the garden of devotion,
And nourished by timeless adoration,
It will change the lost love’s plight.
Oh, how I wish you could see,
The fairy dust in daylight!

And I feel nothing, love.
Nothing at all, you see!
The dust has settled on me,
And the cloud lingered on my sky.
And it rained a countless times, love,
It pained a countless time.
I could write a thousand words, love,
And I could make the song rhyme.

But I would still feel nothing, love,
They say that songs are best sung together.
And I cannot make it any better, love,
Could you please end this now and forever?

For it hurts to see the sky so dark,
And a caged bird that wants to be free,
I wish I could sing my song to it,
But this love has no mercy.


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