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Celebrating One Year of Silence


I watched the old leaves,
Biding their last adieu,
In the golden glow of the afternoon,
Their loving yellow hue,
Was all that I could ask for,
As I felt you…

You were here,
In the rough surface,
Of the red sands, on the grey stones.
You peeped right through,
When one of those little love-birds,
Flew by your dark and grey corner,
And fluttered at the sight of you.

And you were there,
At a distance,
Listening intently, gazing at the dark abyss,
Where you had fallen.

She won’t come by,
Nor will you.
So, let the trees change their hue,
I am not going to look.

I will just let my mind,
Tiptoe down the stairs,
And look into the black pit,
For fallen souls.
Where many had fallen before,
And their tormented spirits,
Must have cursed the fate of love.
And lovers who took the fall.
For they are so lost,
That you can’t even raise a toast to them.
When you feel like celebrating,
A year of silence.

Oh, let the trees change their hue,
I just don’t want to look.
I just want to sit alone,
And stare at nothing for some time.
Till you start to fade,
And like the dying leaves,
You too die for a while.

For a while, my love,
Just for a while…


One thought on “Celebrating One Year of Silence

  1. …and it aches to know that you are not an author, yet.

    Whatever you are doing now (please do not let that be self-destruction. Trust me, you are more than a decaying flower), I wish you the best of my wishes.


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