No, there’s more.

The day divides the night; and night divides the day
Marks the return of the Gunslinger
Move aside all you racoon cum goons
A fiery reputation precedes the Man with no name
Mightiest of armies fallen apart with one gaze
Choking out a pride of lions with bare hands
Would the fables ever end?
Everybody just fell in line
There’s only one side to the mirror this time
Drum rolls, trumpet blow
Enters ‘the girl in Red dress’
Eyes don’t align
Footprints go sideways
But what the eff happened
The girl just entered
Love should have happened there & then
How can a sucker of a poet write so abruptly
That’s not what poets do
They have a magical flow to anything
Nonsense is okay
But something should make sense to interpret
Said ‘the pack’
What to do, What to do?
Truth be told,
There was no love to happen this time
Because ‘the girl in Red Dress’
Exited a long long time ago
After adding her own version to the fables
It’s not okay to burn
instead of fading away
She said;
Because you’ve still got your world around,
It’s still the same,
Nothing seems to have moved much.
Then what was it that just passed?
The Gunslinger did.
Another one bites the dust.

This is not my own, but then it had to be here.
Shashank Jain, the poet, was first kind enough to read my previous poem and then awesome enough to share his own version. And I can’t thank him enough!! Glad to have his words on my blog! 😀


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