Love · Poetry

Is This It?

You asked me once what love is,
And all that I could say was, “I have no clue.”
And it’s still the same with me
Well, how the fuck would I know?
I have seen many kinds of love,
Which one was it that you meant?
Because, for the little I know,
Not all the kinds are true, though.

Some fade away in the timeless time,
Some get forgotten for their pride,
For nothing.

So, love, you have got to tell me,
Which one was it that you meant?
Before I can tell you
All the things you want me to say,
And all the things you really want to hear.

But let me tell you something for now,
Something that I know to be true,
To be real.
To be the ‘now’ that has buried many ‘then’.

And now that you have come so far,
And if you get it the way I want you to,
Let me tell you about this one love that I know.
Oh, I have known it for quite some time now.

Yes, love, I still believe in it, it’s all around!
When I look at it from a distance,
It looks like a volcano!
It’s dormant, though.

But that’s not where the magic lies,
It’s somewhere deep inside.
The fiery world- a Paradise!
If you paint me red, baby,
I will let my heart beat for a while!
And we can burn together, baby!
We can set this godforsaken stage on fire!
Just let the music melt with the visions that float by,

A shooting star breaks itself into pieces,
And takes the last fall in an unknown realm,
To fulfill a stranger’s dream.

Some sacrifice, honey!
But I just don’t feel up for that yet.
I keep losing you in phases, anyway,
But, hey, I just can’t lose you to ‘tenses’!

So, I will let it burn!
Let it burn, just let it burn!
It’s like Hell, baby,
And that’s how it is there.

You burn,
You rot,
Oh, you can barely breathe!
And you are stuck,
Like that frozen snowman,
Who felt her loving hands on his being.
She’d taken great care to mold the snow,
To make him stand upright in the blizzard,
That blurred the picture of her retreating self,
As she went to make another.

And you got stuck,
There’s no escape now.
In Hell, you have no choice, baby!
That is what they tell you.
But there’s a way to come out of it too!
Come closer, honey! And I’ll tell you.
If you’d let me light up one,
I could even show you!

Lie down on the ground,
Let the grass caress your skin.
Keep your eyes closed, dear,
For you don’t want the sun,
To make you put up a frown.

Don’t look just yet, baby!
You need to be at ease.
Feel your breath,
Your throbbing heart,
Your frozen mind,
Let the shiver run down from head to toe,
It will tickle your spine,
If you let it run real slow.
Try not to curl your fingers,
Let them be numb,
Just let that feeling flow.

Stay like that till the time,
Your lips can no longer hold that smile,
Laugh out loud, if you must!
(Oh, I’d so love to see you like that!)
If you can feel it the way I just told you,
Then you are half-way through the secret.

Wake up, hon! It’s a Megaverse!
Infinite possibilities and finite realities will conspire!
To take that warmth away from you,
And keep you cold and numb all the time.
But do not let them touch you, baby!
Hold on to your heart,
Hold on to the light.
Just freeze the moment,
Until the fire melts you.
And let the blinding light,
Show you what it’s really like,
(It doesn’t matter even if you see her)
But just hang on to that moment.
Let it sink in,
For it will, anyway,
We live in the present.

But don’t you worry, my dear,
The wind will always be there to remind you,
That you are right here.
You are alive,
And breathing,
And living.
You’ve still got your world around,
It’s still the same,
Nothing seems to have moved much.
Then what was it that just passed?

That was our love, baby!
Is that the one you meant?


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