Love · Poetry

You Are Only a Daydream

A maimed body, enfolding a thousand storms,
Throat parched, and the screams died inside.
Heavy head,
Eyes shut,
Spine twisted,
Fingers numb.

The pain moves, dissolves and disappears,
And illusions define the fate of the frosty cage.
Ruffled hair,
Ragged bones,
Weary feet.

And weathered skin,
Wounded and bruised for the hunger of adventure,
Scarred and torn for the love of art.
And sedated by your long absence,
The cage can no longer entice the bird.

As vision reclines in the arms of imagination,
And all sounds converge on music’s shores,
The bird flutters its wings in anticipation,
And calls out a name that is not my own.
The door of the frail cage has since then remained,
Open and unlocked.

Places change, but the wind is the same everywhere,
Grey days and colored nights,
Unconscious frowns,
Reluctant smiles,
Provoked dreams,
Embittered thoughts.
A fairy takes the bird in her flowery bosom,
And lures it with charming expressions,
Its swelled plumage makes her laugh,
For my lovelorn bird, that is enough.

Our fling got flung out of Paradise,
It lies writhing at Hell’s door.
The devils conspire to make the tragedy last,
And I keep losing you to the past.

This is perhaps, just not the right time,
To paint the sky red, and emotions blue,
Not until you can stop me,
From coming back to you.

You can never defend me from the nightmares,
That reality brings forth in the guise of desires,
And I take the fall,
Knowing that you will not be there in the end.

You are only a daydream, my friend.


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