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Lies Don’t Exist

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Sweet Little Lies.”

Well, I believe that what we were told when we were young is also a lie. And therefore, the statement “Lying is wrong.” should not be taken too seriously.

The reason I say ‘too seriously’ is because, for me, the sun now stays stable and the earth rotates around it. When I was a kid, it used to ‘rise’ from the east and ‘set’ on the west. So much for telling the truth to a four year old! 😛

With time and age, the lies kept growing bigger and worse, so much so that ‘democracy’ and ‘sustainable environment’ sound funny, and so do ‘honesty’, ‘faith’ and ‘humanity’. Many other lies are funny too, but then you will call me a cynic.

I believe that before knowing if lying is right or wrong, it’s important to know if it’s a lie at all.  And here I only speak from personal experiences.

In most cases, the lies that I had so determinedly judged to be ‘that one wrong thing that can take you to Hell’, eventually turned out to be the results of many truths that were not given due respect. I have noticed several times that a lie is often taken as the easiest alternative in a situation where effective communication could not be attained. That could happen for many reasons- one being that the speaker does not think that the receiver would be able to fathom the ‘truth’ behind the story anyway. So, a lie would hardly make a difference.

But come to think of it, if we had better communication with our own selves, with others, within our society and our governments, wouldn’t we be in a much better place? There would be less lies and there would be lesser need for them too. Because lies are nothing but the residue of all truths that got lost behind ‘wrongs’ like inhibitions, fear, oppression, classes, religions… and hey, welcome to the cynic’s world again!

And I still think lying is not the ‘wrong’ in the world, it’s only one of the many bad outcomes of not respecting the ‘right’ enough, enough to sustain it for longer.


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