A Bedtime Story

In a kingdom afar, quite unknown,

A stormy night saw the Queen in pain,

The agony was such that her doe eyes,

Played host to the arriving monsoon rain.

And the King stood trembling, robbed of his air,

For anxiety had taken over despair.

And only the morning light would tell,

If the kingdom would have their heir.

But that fateful night, the moon was sad,

It had lost the battle with the sun anew,

For he, who glows brightest, will seldom cease

To tease the one with an acquired hue.

When the universe mocked the defeated moon,

His wounded pride set him wild!

And out of his sorrows, in the summer of June,

Was born the little Cancer child.

With the first glimpse of her pale white face,

The King was stuck with wonder and joy!

The Queen could hardly avert her gaze,

From those crystal eyes of her newfound toy.

The kingdom gathered to sing the praise,

Of the little princess who came to be.

A girl for an heir was no disgrace,

And to that, the King shall see.

With laughter, songs and prayers galore,

The princess was welcomed to her new abode.

On her mother’s bosom she found her first dreams,

And her Daddy horse, she gallantly rode!

The King was proud as he could be,

For he could see the apple of his eye,

Dimly glowing in the light of new-found knowledge,

But getting brighter as the years went by.

The Queen was keen to nurture and protect,

The fragile heart that throbbed inside.

She taught the child to love the world,

And never let her emotions hide.

A mother’s love is all that’s true,

When it comes to love for love’s sake!

One that breathes the life back into a dead mind,

One that never lets the bond break.

So the little princess fell in love,

With books and flowers, music and art.

She often wandered in the hills alone,

And found things to delight her merry heart.

Like that little stream where the tadpoles lived,

And the birds that flocked the mango tree!

She found beauty wherever she went,

For she was restless and wild, but free!

Then came a time when she had to part,

With the world that was her own.

For she had grown into a woman now,

And it was time to explore the unknown.

The King told her to follow her dreams,

The Queen agreed with teary eyes.

They both knew that the world outside,

Would be full of mysteries and lies.

Yet they blessed her with courage and strength,

And gave her a piece of their hearts to keep.

To save her from taking the fall,

When the world would make her weep.

Little did they know that the moon,

Had been a silent spectator for all these years.

And now was the time for him to see,

If the child could fight her fears.

He donned his usual melancholy look,

And with false promises he led her way.

The princess with her heart full of love,

Fell for his trick right away!

As she stumbled her way on the beaten paths,

That led her to distant places.

She saw that the people were not the same anymore,

For they had masks in place of faces!

With their greedy hands they robbed and killed,

With lusty eyes they mocked each other!

And with reckless minds they tortured the souls,

Of their own and any other’s!

Their vanity they polished with care,

Their vices they kept aglow.

They bid their hearts in the county-fair,

And kept the prices real low!

The new world was strange indeed

And, at times, scary too!

The demons disguised themselves as sages,

And angels disappeared before you even knew!

But then again, a horror story,

Is just not meant for tonight.

The bedtime story shall now continue,

On another dreamy night.


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