Dear Society

Dear Society,

How I wish you weren’t that social!
A bit subdued, may be, and a little subtle,
When it comes to speaking up for things,
You are least entitled to talk about.

Like how rich I would be
With paper and plastics stuffed in my wallet!
How beautiful I would look in that
Trending designer dress!
And how I should paint my nails,
To hide the colors inside my fingernails,
For a shabby artist is no match for the damsels,
You have created with pills and wax.

And it would be so great if you could just shut up!
And let the man sitting beside me,
Cry his sorrows out,
Before you call him a ‘sissy’.
And I might as well give him a hug,
To lift his spirits up,
Even though you would raise your eyebrows,
And quickly decide to call me a slut,
Well, do it, for all I care!

So, you sneak into conversations,
And take care of all the ‘decisions’,
But I am sorry to see that they lack,
In logic, passion and reason.
Your ways are too old at times,
But you care not for the consequences,
Of shattered hopes and buried dreams,
As long as YOU are satisfied.

And about your classy classifications,
Of men and women and beasts,
You often get confused there, don’t you?
For a daughter just got murdered,
By her father,
In the name of honor!
Are you sure you placed the beasts,
Where they are supposed to be?

And how I wish to hear your voice,
When victims beg for your opinions,
It’s funny how your cheeky mouth,
Suddenly refuses to do anything but smirk!
You look disgusting when you do that,
Just so you know!
All the wealth that makes you rich,
All the power that makes you strong,
And all the ideals and morals that make you right,
Fail to hide your scars, though.

Dear Society,
I wish you could just go,
To Hell and never come back.
Or at least take a holiday,
And see some other worlds!
Where your kind does not exist at all.
And trust me when I say,
You’d be pleasantly surprised with your findings,
And I assure you that when you are gone,
You will not be missed.
For some of us are just so done with you,
That we would do just about anything,
Te celebrate your death
For a moment of peace.


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