Goodbyes Are Seldom Good!

Lost in the mire of your words and caught in the tides of time,

Struck by the beauty of your presence, serene and sublime.

Scarred by the knowledge of the impending goodbyes,

I stand gazing at those bewitching eyes.

How strong is your heart? How brave is your soul?

How beautiful is your dream? How far is your goal?

How daunting is the course that you so want to take?

How true would be the life that you so want to make?

You can be the calm ocean and I will be the ruthless gale,

I will hurl emotions at you and watch your resolve fail.

I will play with your senses and meddle with your mind,

I will cast my spells around until you go blind.

Magic will take over once you let go of your mask,

For to make a man yield is an onerous task.

Should you dispel your fears and make the right choice,

The gates of heaven will open for your heart to rejoice.

For you are no less than a prince, noble and grand!

And you can ride the winged unicorn back to your wonderland.

Like a wounded bird I will tremble ashore as you soar above the sky,

For I can forget everything but the somber ‘goodbye’.


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