A Happy Song


It is here, when the rays of the morning sun,
Melt the heart with welcome warmth,
And the wintry breeze reminds you,
That you are yet to reach the peak.

Surrounded by fields of intoxication,
Fidgeting with twigs and bugs in contemplation,
Gazing hard at what lies ahead,
I let my mind speak.

It was quiet for a while,
As unsure fingers settled their grip,
And trembling hands accepted a blank page,
To fill it with ink and ‘anything’!

That’s when my mind spoke out to me,
“He, who finds joy in generosity,
Is the one your heart will forever seek.”
And that is when he started to sing.

William Fitzsimmons, I mean!
And you can chuckle your way to glory,
For this is a funny story,
And ‘funny’ is what we are.

And I pray that I see you again,
On a ship, someday, cruising the merry seas,
And we’ll together uncover the mysteries,
And fly to someplace so far,
Where ‘societies’ do not mar,
The ‘beauty’ of the ‘being’.
For now that you are known to me,
Life is prettier, it seems!


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