Love · Poetry


Let the stars, forever, shine!
Let innocence strike with an intense blow!
After all, we aren’t children anymore.
And we no longer deserve a tender caress.
But, maybe, a moment or two,
Of such beauty, that it seems,
Like it’s too good to be true!

When two souls gaze upon,
The jeweled skies on a cloudy night,
And await the full moon to rise,
To embrace the night with a warm glow!
That’s when it’s beautiful to know,
That God just gave you a glimpse of heaven.
To make up for all the ironies,
That forbade the moon to be anything, but pale.

But two pairs of misty eyes,
Pierced through the shield of pale moonlight,
And reached out for the Orion’s belt!
And smiled when the constellations,
Got lost in the wave of admiration,
And ‘awe’, so sparkling, that it makes you glow!
And you stand true, calm and pure,
Unveiled, exposed and yet so sure!
Bracing the chilly breeze for one more glimpse,
Of the silent mountains with peaks of snow!
That’s when you shine, you know!


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