What can I make out of the filigree,
Of bitter-sweet memories that surround me?
The joyous days of youth gone by,
The childish innocence lost in the mesh
Of cowardice and sinful deeds.

What can I learn from the pain,
Of having a mind of a man,
And a heart of a woman?

Conflicts reign supreme in a tumultuous life
As I wander about searching for answers,
Armed with questions that don’t mean anything.

The time when every tear,
Was wiped off before it fell.
When every smile that surfaced,
Stayed for a longer time.
When the mildest of aches,
Were soothed with the kindest of words.
When moments of solitude,
Were not marred with baseless contemplation.

Those were the times when I lived.
And now I am as good as dead.
Dead is the mind of a man,
And the heart of a woman.


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