Feeling Happy

It’s not a question of integrity,

Marrows are never moist.

It’s only a sense of fragility

That seeps in despite the trials.

Finding strength in sensitivity,

The delicate balance of truth and lies

Is what keeps me afloat in the mist of your absence.

Shifting uncomfortably with mute protests,

Blazing eyes and a fiery heart

That knows not what respite is.


It’s not a question of insanity,

That has been discarded as an exaggeration.

It’s better than that in many ways,

For there is a lot of happiness in it.

And a smile cannot deceive,

Especially a foolish one.

That word is substituted for ‘sincerity’, you know!

Just like ‘affection’ and ‘infatuation’ diminish the potential

Of a feeling so true and real.

And I thought that the lack of acknowledgement,

Would eventually slaughter this love.


And I was so wrong, I still am.

I am being corrected every day.

In every possible way,

With every passing moment,

With the fleeting glimpses of you,

Watching me from a distance.

With every wasted minute,

And hours and days and months.

With every sigh of defeat,

With every prayer for your well-being,

With every whisper of your name that escapes,

My reluctant lips.


Find me someday, will you?

Come and see the perfect world of mine.

Woven with love, adorned with reverence,

Sprinkled with a little bit of my craziness that once made you laugh.

Coloured with the hues of your denial,

Brimming with the memories of you,

I haven’t buried them yet for I am still alive.

And ‘sleep shall come when it has to’.


Find your way back to this dreamland,

Where we once dwelled in peace.

And don’t you worry about what weighs you down, my love!

I am stronger this time, you’ll see.

No more lies, no more mysterious truths,

Enough of those, love, it’s time to break free and fight

For this love that has been disgraced time and again,

And questioned,




Let’s prove the whole world wrong, my love!

Let’s defy the myth of an unfulfilled desire.

Let’s walk together on the path,

That eventually leads us to the unknown abyss.

One step at a time, my love!

Hold my hands, it will be all right.

We’ll tiptoe on the sands of time,

And we’ll dance under the moonlight, love!

We’ll dance under a moonlit sky.











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