Just A Thought

Reaching new heights and breaking all odds,
We take pride in our deeds.
We flaunt our technical advancements,
While an innocent bleeds.

We are so fond of our innovations,
And with each step the world gets smaller.
Stepping on the rungs of emotions,
We’ll let the ladder of greed grow taller.

We kill without mercy to prove our strength,
We bomb lands and then claim some more.
As the infant’s cries turn to music,
We wed our minds for our heart is a whore.

Little do we care if our neighbours,
Are hungry, helpless and weak.
We sip our coffee and read our books,
You see, it’s just another bad week.

We are looking for life in the universe!
What if we find some too?
The way we treat our own,
What good will the unknown do?

But we are brilliant, we are smart!
We are rich and flourishing!
We are on a mission to seek and kill,
The paupers to be the King.

Power is the prize we are after,
We are chasing it with all our might.
And in the process of winning the race,
We’ll turn day into night.

Let’s kill some more, let’s fight some wars.
Let’s see who wins it all.
Let’s satiate our hunger for more,
While humanity takes the fall.

We all know that it’s one life we have,
One world that nurtures our race.
Let’s adorn our planet with the hues of our barbarity,
Let’s celebrate our disgrace.

And we are still brilliant, we are smart!
We always seem to have a plan.
We won’t be shunned by history,
For we’ll still be known as ‘human’.

And the universe will smile upon our foolery,
While the omnipresent enjoys the show.
Our guns will glisten in the rays of the morning sun,
And rivers of blood will flow.

We will dance to the sounds of bombardments,
While hundreds of them choke.
A conscience that could have saved our souls,
Has been traded for a ring of smoke.


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