Times Change

A run-down house
Broken window panes
Creepers on the window sill,
Limp and long dead.

A putrid stench fills the room,
There’s death everywhere
Orchids that never bloomed
In the garden of despair.

A slice of blueberry cheesecake
Half eaten.
Two glasses of wine

A celebration- uncelebrated.
A confession- unuttered.
A love- without the glory
A reality- just remained a story.

Once a princess,
Now a pauper.
Once a lover,
Now- well, not anymore!

Once an inspiration,
Now an object of pity.
Once happy and content,
Now submerged in insanity.

Once Miss Sunshine,
With words to delight.
Now faithful to the pledge,
Of being eternally quiet.

She could have trailed after,
He walked out of the door.
She didn’t ask for anything,
But now she wants more.


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