A Scandalous Affair

Why do you have to be like a candle in the wind?
When you could have been the sails
Of my ship that wanders away to wonderlands
In search of hope when everything else fails…

In the midst of trivialities,
You could have risen like a king,
With your silent eyes that speak so loud,
Of the agony that gnaws within.

You choose to lurk in a corner,
And it’s only a shadow I see.
It’s dark, mysterious and at times terrifying,
It’s a new degree of treachery.

Or maybe not, maybe it’s still as pure,
Just like the way it used to be.
Maybe it’s just my wounded heart,
Turning nightmares into reality.

It’s strange, it’s unusual,
A feeling so alien that it makes me think…
Finding joy in separation,
Wanting not to float, but sink.

And drown, and choke and suffocate,
Feel the last breath escape,
Go numb and icy and finally, blank.
And lie still in your wake.

It’s when everything goes quiet and cold,
The shadow creeps out of its lair,
It’s hideous, it’s filthy, and it’s rotten to the core
It’s nothing but a scandalous affair.


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