A Stupid Poem

The dense cloud of smoke hangs low,

Incense, weed and cigarettes…

Hazy eyes skim through the periphery,

This is deception at its best.


She cowers at the sound of footsteps,

But she knows that it’s all right.

He’s around, she’s safe.

She goes back to her Pakistani lullaby.


People…she’s scared of them,

The real ones, you see!

They talk too much, they laugh too loud.

They are not like you and me.


We talk without being heard,

We embrace without being touched,

We smile with teary eyes,

And make love under the starry skies.


It’s a perfect world, it’s beautiful…

She’s so much in love with him.

It isn’t for real, yet so strong,

She just cannot let go of this dream.


Sometimes, dreams are all you crave for,

Sometimes, it feels like heaven.

If only the dead would know how to rise,

And defend the love forsaken.


If only it would rain so hard,

And wash away the misery…

If only the sun would shine,

Upon my fondest memories.


I don’t ask for anything,

Because I have nothing to give.

I am doing just fine, you are still around.

And that’s how I wish to live.













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