Love · Poetry

The “WE” That Never Happened

She laughs out loud at the thought of him,

She pretends that he can hear.

Then it gets so quiet that it hurts,

He is not anywhere near.


But what if he were?

What if it’s not a dream?

What if he thinks of her sometime?

If only she could talk to him…


She knows it sounds crazy,

It could be a lie too.

But in sanity and otherwise,

That’s all that is true.


There are too many faces around,

And she knows none would be his.

They find her silence strange,

They don’t know what’s amiss.


She’s trying her best to move on,

If only she could.

But he is everywhere, all the time,

And he thinks he’s gone for good!


If only she could turn back time,

And never let the story end.

She would give anything to make it real,

The “WE” that never happened.















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