Love · Poetry

And “Nothing” Is What I Am

You may choose to run and hide,
Make peace with the demons inside.
Shrouded in anonymity,
You may find comfort in the twilight.

Yes, you can walk away with an indifferent shrug,
But please do hold your head up high.
For you know that you owe me nothing,
And “nothing” is what I am.

Sure, you can take along
The words from the very song,
I know not what they mean to you,
For me, they meant only “you”.

Take them all away for all I care,
And with dejection and despair,
I will but sway to the soulful tunes,
And let your thoughts haunt me.

Of course, you can have it all,
Before the eternal night befalls,
Free yourself from the shackles of my love,
I know you wish to be free.

You smiled when I took a picture,
Of the moment we let our fingers entwine,
You held my hand with certainty,
But then you lost your grip.

Now I look at it with moist eyes,
And caress it with endless sighs,
It’s not like the colors are fading,
It has always been black and white.

Forgive and forget, that’s what they say,
I choose to do neither, I will have my way.
I won’t cage the bird, I remember your words,
But my heart is not a cage.

I will let the love-bird fly away,
And I will not lie in wait,
For it to come back and sing to me,
The meaningless words ruin the melody.

Your fiery apparition refuses to leave,
So take away the light but not the fire,
Bury the beautifully crafted callous dreams
And let me live with the remnants of desire.

Let the silence of your absence resound,
To fill the void that surrounds,
For in it I will find my peace,
For in it I can breathe with ease.

It’s the only space where I find you,
The only place where I can love you,
In the emptiness there are no demons,
To hold you back from me.

In this nothingness, I will keep you,
For me, you are “love” in a mortal frame,
And I hope the winds will blow your way,
When in the darkest of nights I whisper your name.


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