In Search of Identity

No, wait… What is it?
Spare a moment, think for a while…

Why such an avalance of thoughts?
Why the unstable mind?
Why the unquenchable thirst?
Why the insatiable hunger to know more?
Why the tendency to ignore?

Why the attempt to accept the seemingly unacceptable?
Why the desire to be mean?
Why the foolishness to fall?
Why the urge to love?
Why the determination to hate?
Why the sudden “need” to forget?
Why the overtly positive consolation that you give to yourself?

Is it because you have seen enough?
Heard enough? Done enough?
Life is not a bed of roses,
Expectations can prove to be fatal.
So, why the sudden wave of expectations..
From nobody, but yourself?
Why the craving for absolute freedom?

Since when did saying “No” to things feel so pleasant?
Since when did being alone feel so refreshing?
Are you falling in love with yourself?
Or is it just a mere phase, yet again?

Work doesn’t make you sick anymore…
Music takes you to places you have never been to before…
Books have become your best friends again…
And people have become distant.

And yet you smile like a newborn,
Yet you dance like a butterfly,
You wear your tiara more often now…
And smile at yourself, like never before…

So, wait… Don’t rush…
Let the phase remain for a little while.
Have fun, be merry, be foolish, and still strive..
Your dreams are all you have, so better hold on to them…
Be your own lover, and be your own judge.

Life goes on, as it always does…
No more despair, no more regrets
No shame, no pity, no sacrifice, no compromise
Take all that you can, leave the rest just the way they are…

Remember,it’s just you, and no other..
It’s your own body, heart and soul that will guide you through the dark…
And when the phase ends without you realising it…
You will be strong, and brave, and fearless and content..
You will stand… like a Woman.


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