And Here She Comes

And here she comes, with stealthy steps,
With her grace restored, her spirits are high.
So high, that the phoenix says…
“Did you, like me, from the ashes, rise?”

To that, she answers, “Yay! I did.”
All this while her attempt at being coy,
Is thwarted by the glitter in her eyes.
Her maidenly stance betrayed by her divine light.

And here she stands, glowing bright!
Free like a bird, and out of her mind.
And then she recalls the magic of the words,
Of the seemingly unreal angel in disguise.

The words that shook the earth beneath.
The heat that melted the shackles within.
The fragrance resurfaced in a bloom so dead,
And she felt losing “something else” instead.

But if truth to be told, she remembers her shell,
She craves for solitude, melancholy and distress.
She has nurtured them for as long as she can remember.
How dare the angel ask for her treasures?

Yet she knows, that her resolve is failing.
The shell is broken, the walls are crumbling.
She closes her eyes for the fear of what she would see.
Would it be the coveted light or the darkness of eternity?

Dazed and confused, she begs the phoenix..
“Where art thou? I need thee to help me rise.”
The phoneix smiles and blesses her.
And reborn again, she onwards strides.

Towards the angel with a hope in her heart.
A hope so real that fear loses it’s might.
Conciousness begs to be set free.
And now she nows the source of the light.

And into the arms of the angel in disguise..
She rushes, to find herself peaceful, yet so alive!!


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